Youth Rangers
A leadership development programme

Youth Rangers targets youths between 13 and 17 years of age who may be at-risk of falling into juvenile delinquency and develop them into caring leaders with positive social and life skills who may then contribute back to the local and overseas communities in positive ways.

A pilot run of Youth Rangers was first initiated by Care Corner Family Service Centre (Admiralty): 'CROSSROAD Youth Centre' in 2008. Over the years, CROSSROAD has seen youths successfully graduating from its 'ranks', several of whom have returned as volunteer EXCO members to help lead and mentor younger members.

Youth Rangers is currently available at CROSSROAD Youth Centre, Care Corner - Teck Ghee Youth Centre and IGNITERS Youth Centre.


To Instill Positive Values through Personal and Group Development

  • Drop-in centre
  • Character development workshops
  • Video games & board games
  • Study support

To Impart Life Skills through Experiential Learning

  • Enrichment activities
  • Outdoor skills
  • Adventure camps& outings
  • Creative arts

To Inculcate Leadership Competencies through Training and Mentoring

  • Mentoring sessions
  • Leadership workshops

To Ignite Social Awareness through Community Engagement

  • Local service learning projects
  • Overseas community projects


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Youth Rangers - News

YR Road Map / Progression:

As a member of the Youth Rangers, you will get to participate in exciting and enriching programmes. Progress through the ranks each year and be given opportunities to lead and serve! Actively participate in all the activities and you will qualify for the National Youth Achievement Award.

Year Rank Roles National Youth Achievement Award
1 Potential Youth Ranger Participate & learn ---
2 Youth Lieutenant Assist in the facilitation of various programmes Bronze
3 Youth Captain Organise camps, workshops and outings Silver
4 Youth Mentor Mentor junior youths; Set an example! Gold

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