Sep 2014 - Educational Therapy Service

"Our daughter, 10, was diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder in 2012 when she was in Primary 2. Children with such conditions find it difficult to focus, or stay on task with their daily activities. Our daughter had issues regulating her behaviour which resulted in impulsiveness and temper-tantrums. This became very challenging for us to handle.

Last December 2013, a specialist teacher from the Child Guidance Clinic at KK Hospital recommended that we approach Care Corner Educational Therapy Service ['ETS'] for assistance as her Maths grade was not getting better despite daily coaching at home. We then decided to enrol her in Care Corner ETS' KidsBrightProgramme.

KidsBright uses three approaches which are: Mental, Therapeutic Movement Exercise, and Dietary Approach. These approaches helped her emotional, memory and inattention issues.

Our daughter's KidsBright therapist was kind and patient and our daughter always looked forward to attending the class every week. The KidsBright class was not tedious or stressful at all. After a few sessions, we found that she was not as resistant to following instructions as in the past. Our daughter's SA1 grades for English and Science improved and she attained Band 2 for both subjects. She became more positive in her learning behaviour and gained more self-awareness.

Recently our daughter won a Bronze medal at a Judo competition! This meant a lot to her and we believe it was due to the KidsBright positive training and dietary methods that worked!

We recommend KidsBright to any parent who has children with difficulty regulating their behaviour or have learning needs. It is definitely worth the time and effort!"

~ A Grateful Mum

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