Oct 2008 - Educational Therapy Service

When Tammy was about four years old, she was having speech delay and social problems. The Nursery Teacher commented that she has poor concentration level and was not able to take instructions then. She was active, however, not socializing with her classmates and even the cousins and relatives. While “queuing” for doctor’s appointment and a series of diagnostic test, I had decided to send her for a private tuition.

Tammy was not academically ready at all even at 5 years old. She was very resistant in learning to write, as she knew that she was not able to do so. The main intention to send her for a private lesson was to improve her concentration level and to build her confidence.

Through the internet, I found Care Corner Educational Therapy Service, a centre for children with dyslexia and slower development. Tammy was arranged in a 1-to-1 Specialist Tuition programme as she required more attention. After starting the lesson for about four months, the psychology test from KKH shows that Tammy had autism.

At this point, Tammy had already shown some improvement in her behaviour, concentration and interest level. In response to the formal diagnosis of autism, Miss Ong Wee Ling, the Programme Specialist who is teaching Tammy, and I agreed in a discussion to modify Tammy’s learning programme. We agreed on the modification of giving more emphasis on hands-on and creative learning in the programme.

After attending these sessions for about one and a half years, Tammy has learnt to answer simple questions from the initial echolia. She can recognize and write numbers and alphabets. She used to throw tantrums and show her temper in public when she failed to get what she desired. Now she is more sensitive to the environment and is able to accept refusal. She used to hide away and avoid eye contact with people, now she has opened-up and is more accepting of others.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Miss Ong and her team for accepting Tammy even after learning that she has autism. I am impressed by their flexibility of modifying the programme to pace Tammy’s learning needs and ability. Their dedicated love, care, patience and passion in teaching have made differences not only in Tammy’s learning journey, but also in our family life too. Thank you, Care Corner!

Mrs Michelle Lim, Purchasing Officer
(October 2008)

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