From a Struggle to Progress…

One afternoon while I was waiting for Daniel to finish school, I came across a brochure put up by Care Corner for children with learning difficulties.

Daniel was already in Primary 3 and was having serious problems at school. He was not happy with school and had no friends. He was also failing in every subject. Needless to say, he was receiving a lot of scolding and punishment in school for not behaving and following school norms.

I was very encouraged by the brochure and brought Daniel to Care Corner to see how we could help him improve his social and learning skills. Daniel is also a very hot-tempered impulsive child. Most times, he will act without thinking through his actions, thus resulting in a lot of disciplinary problems at school.

Daniel was diagnosed as a Hyper Active Attention Deficit and has to take Ritalin, a form of medication, regularly in order to help him to sit down and learn.

Mr Isaac Tan, the Educational Therapist attached to Daniel was very patient and firm with Daniel. Isaac encouraged Daniel in his learning via playing ‘brain gym’ games and other learning models. With small successes over time, it boosted Daniel’s self-esteem and motivated him to learn. During this time, I learnt from Isaac that Daniel was a very visual learner and I also acquired some skills on how to help Daniel in his schoolwork.

It has been almost a year since Isaac took on Daniel. Initially, the progress was very slow as Daniel was quite a stubborn child. However, as time progressed, and through the specialised strategies and learning methods put together by Isaac, Daniel has been making progress. At the same time, I have learnt to adopt some of the learning methods to foster and assist Daniel at the home front.

It is still a very uphill task and tiring time but the educational therapist’s intervention and weekly specialised coaching has made it smoother for Daniel to assimilate into the formal school system. More importantly, Daniel is much happier and positive about school and making progress in his schoolwork.

~ Ms Pauline Zee, mother of a child who benefitted from the ETS

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