“Ruby isn’t alone… I believe a lot of children out there need people like you...”

Our daughter Ruby has had a reading disorder since Primary 1. Sad to say…normal tuition did not help her at all and all the tuition fees spent seemed wasted.

A kind counsellor at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School then recommended the services of Care Corner Educational Therapy Service (‘ETS’). Upon the Ministry of Education’s confirmation that Ruby had dyslexia, she was assigned to ETS.

I am grateful to the kind and helpful educational therapists at ETS, especially Ms Michelle Gabriel. Not only has Ms Michelle gone beyond her duty to help Ruby improve in her English and Maths subjects, she even took extra efforts to help Ruby cope with her emotions. Coming from a single-parent background, Ruby had been traumatised by her dad’s domestic violence. The therapist’s care, patience, support and attentiveness towards Ruby helped her both academically and emotionally. These two inter-linked needs were vital in helping Ruby improve in her school work.

Ruby’s PSLE results reflected her tremendous improvement. She began to realise the importance of tuition sessions and no longer hated them. She also became more positive and self-reliant as compared to being worried and skeptical in the past.

Now my parenting time with her no longer feels like a chore. My relationship with Ruby has grown closer! We have become more like friends, instead of my having to raise my voice when giving instructions to her. I really enjoy my daughter’s companionship even more than before!

God blessed, I am grateful to Ms Michelle and all the educational therapists at ETS who have accompanied Ruby through her revision and studies. To the team --- keep up the good effort!

Ruby isn’t alone… I believe a lot of children out there need people like you!

Ms Constance Choo, A Grateful Mum

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