Thank You Care Corner Educational Therapy Service...

We had known that our 6-year old son was exceptionally active and inquisitive. He seemed to have an engine that runs non-stop. As much as he is such a great joy to us, it was a real challenge to keep pace with him.

Our son is very bright and possesses the understanding of a child beyond his age. He is like a huge sponge, absorbing considerable general knowledge. His kindergarten teachers had always complimented him on his extensive vocabulary and knowledge.

We were therefore shocked to learn of his difficulty to read smoothly and his inability to retain spelling. The pressure was much greater since he was going to start formal Primary One education in 2006.

Subsequently, we sent him for an evaluation for learning difficulties. Sadly, we were informed that he has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). We were devastated due to a lack of understanding on what ADHD was all about. iIt was a huge blow to what we thought was perfect.

In the few days following, we conducted a frantic search for more information and for people who were familiar with the condition. We were seeking desperately for direction and were even contacting friends in the United States for help and guidance.

Thank God we had friends who were able to point us in the direction of SPARK(Society for the Promotion of ADHD Research and Knowledge). Through their monthly newsletters, “I’m not Naughty”, we obtained much treasured information and was subsequently able to cross paths with Care Corner.

Mr Isaac Tan, Centre Head of Care Corner Educational Therapy Service was very kind in seeing us and evaluating my son’s problem through a consultation appointment. Mr Tan advised us to enroll my son in a weekly intervention programme to improve his reading and spelling skills. Ms Diana Thio who attended to my son is an excellent motivator and coach.

Within 2 months, we could see that our son improved by leaps and bounds in his reading and spelling. Of course, we had also put in concerted efforts in getting him to the library and we spent more time reading with him.

This pace accelerated even more when Mr Tan helped us arrange a concurrent home-based specialist tuition to help our son on his English subject conducted by Specialist Tutor Ms Joanne Sim.

We want to thank Mr Tan, Ms Thio and Ms Sim for all their care, concern and help for the past 4 months. We would highly recommend Care Corner Educational Therapy Service to any parents facing the same problem.

Judy Chow (April 27, 2006)

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