Nov 2007 - Educational Therapy Service

Thank You Care Corner Educational Therapy Service...

My son was diagnosed to have ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) in February 2006 when he was in K2. He was not able to sit still to read or eat and was easily distracted by things around him. He was able to recite and recognised the alphabet but was unable to read simple words like “and”, “to” and “eat”. I was advised to bring my son to Care Corner Educational Therapy Service (ETS) by the Child Development Unit in NUH for his reading difficulty. Though he had slight improvement after some sessions with the child psychologist, speech therapist and educationist in NUH, I was still very concerned about his future.

I learned that ETS specialises in helping children with special learning needs such as ADHD. So we attended a consultation appointment with Mr Isaac Tan, Centre Head of ETS. After assessing my son’s condition, Isaac recommended him two programmes: specialist tuition to help his reading skills, and a therapy programme involving therapeutic movement exercises and nutritional approach to help him calm down and focus better. In desperation, my husband and I had decided to give both programmes a try.

After 4 months on the therapy programme, my husband and I realised that our son had indeed become calmer and was able to sit down to read for longer time and concentrate better. In fact, my relatives who had previously known my son to be very hyperactive were very amazed to see the great improvement in him. I felt so much relieved then and not so stressed up as before as I felt the therapy really helped my son a lot.

As I am writing this, my son has just completed 12 months of the therapy. His progress in school has been quite encouraging. His form teacher says that he has been doing well in class. At times, she even praised him for his good behaviour. She reassures me that my son is in fact on par or even better than his schoolmates. He actually receives 3 champion badges in school for his reading.

Looking at the great improvement in my son’s condition from a year ago, plus receiving all the positive feedbacks from teachers, relatives and friends, I am truly glad that I did send him for this therapy programme as it has really set his path right for his future. I thought I would be selfish if I do not share this story.

Mrs Jennifer Loo, Nurse Clinician

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