May 2008 - Educational Therapy Service

From the start of Primary one, my son was having attention span problem. He often has difficulties in concentrating in class. This resulted in his poor grades as well as complaints from his teachers about his inattentiveness during lessons. He had to attend Learning Support Program class in school which was meant for slow learners.

This year he is in primary two. Sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2007, the school, in collaboration with Care Corner Educational Therapy Service (ETS) offered KidsBright programme which combines therapeutic exercises and dietary approach to improve brain functioning of children with learning concerns. On the recommendation from the teacher in charge of special needs, we enrolled him into the above program.

During this year’s final term exams, he managed to pass all his subjects for the first time. It was a remarkable improvement over what he has achieved previously. For his effort, he was awarded the Star Dipper by his form teacher. He was very happy with the award and has since become more positive towards his studies.
Although he has only been on this program for about 4 months, we are already seeing improvements. I would definitely recommend this programme to children who are having learning difficulties and are seen to be slow learners under our educational system. 

Mr Poon, Claims Manager

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