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TESTIMONY 1 (9-year-old girl with Dyslexia and ADHD)

Dear All, 
I used to be a full-time working mother, but after realising that my daughter who is now 9 years old, was having problems with Dyslexia, and was extremely active too, I was left with no choice but to quit my job. That was four years back. It was nightmare for me, and for the first year, I was unable to cope and I went into depression. 

The school teachers were complaining about her school-work and her behaviour. She was well known for her stubbornness. At home, at times, she would scream out loud for nothing, and that was extremely intolerable for me! She was and still is a member of the school Chinese dance group. During the first and second year of her Chinese dance practice, one of the dance teachers had always complained about, and even condemned, her.  The complaint had always been about her not being able to dance well and also because of her active behaviour.  As a result, whenever there were performances, she was always made a 'reserve' or 'not involved‘ in the performance at all. I could understand that because very often she would trip and fall even on a good paved road!  She was told to quit her Chinese dance many times, but she refused! Her determination was strong! 

This year, she is in primary 3, and the school had actually screened through all its students, especially those with ADHD and problems with Dyslexia. Some students, including my daughter, were identified and chosen by the school to attend the 'KidsBright Programme' from Care Corner Educational Therapy Service. It was a one-year programme, and now she has completed the programme. Throughout the programme, I have seen much improvement in her. Her conduct was marked ' very good ' in her school report book. This year, she was involved several times as a main performer in the Chinese dance, and she had also brought home several certificates of awards. We all saw her, she can surely dance well, and we are proud of her! Not only that, she is now able to sit down and chit-chat with me which she had never done before!  I believe the KidsBright Programme has helped her a lot with her pavement in life. 

Hereby I like to say a ' BIG ' thank you to the organisers of the KidsBright Programme and special thanks to Mr Isaac Tan for making it possible!

Warmest Regards,
- Mdm Lim, December 2009

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TESTIMONY 2 (7-year-old boy with Dyspraxia and Auditory Processing Difficulties)

My son, Sander was diagnosed with Dyspraxia as well as Auditory Processing Difficulties when he was 7 years old.  I was searching through the website for help or support when I came across the Kidsbright Programme conducted by Care Corner Educational Therapy Service (ETS).  After attending the programme for about 2 months, there was a vast improvement in Sander's English and Chinese Spelling.  I would not hesitate to recommend the KidsBright Programme to those with similar learning disabilities.

- Mrs Lim, September 2009

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TESTIMONY 3 (7-year-old girl with learning difficulties and poor bladder control)

My daughter was born 11 weeks premature and had to go to SGH for yearly assessment.  In Feb 2008, she did a psychological test and scored badly.  The psychologist and doctor recommended us to look for help from Care Corner Educational Therapy Service.

At 6, she was not able to read and write properly.  She was also unable to hold her bladder at night.  So my husband and I decided to follow our doctor’s advice and sought help from Care Corner Educational Therapy Service.

We went through the consultation with Mr Isaac Tan and he recommended my daughter to have a weekly specialist tuition and the KidsBright programme.  From then, my daughter dutifully attended both classes and did the exercises at home diligently. 

She is in Primary 1 this year, she is able to read and write better and she can hold her bladder better at night.  Although she still has a long way to go, we are happy to see the improvement in her.  We would recommend the programme to parents who have children with difficulties.  Believe in the programme and have patience with your child - you will be able to see results.

- Mrs Wong, September 2009

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TESTIMONY 4 (10-year-old boy with ADHD)

My son has completed the KidsBright programme. Initially, I did not know the programme could help him improve; my aim was simply to help him adopt coping strategies for his short attention span and let him live with ADHD for the rest of his life. He was getting punished almost everyday in school and one of his teachers had advised me to bring him for therapy. He was also falling behind in school. Though he managed some Band 2s, he was getting more and more Band 3s, and I was very worried about him because he was already a big boy in P4.

After attending the first two sessions of the KidsBright programme, I was surprised to see him sitting at his study desk for the first time, able to do written work and reading for an hour. He also managed to watch an entire TV programme.

Later when the exam results were out, I was again surprised to see a significant improvement in his SA2 grades for the Math and Mother Tongue papers, scoring 90 marks and 59 marks, respectively. Overall for the SA2 exam, he had three Band 2s and one Band 3, compared to all Band 3s in the SA1 exam, and was promoted to the standard stream. He was also awarded the Good Progress Award from MOE for 2008 for being the most improved student in his class. The teachers in his school and Sunday school all approached me to tell me the good news that they had seen a great improvement in him. He still needs to improve on his social skills, but I was surprised to hear from him that he is now aware that he was very ill mannered and rude and even reprimanded me for not having taught him good manners.

Now that the programme has ended, I’ve noted that he has improved significantly as compared to what he was like before and though he still has some attention related problems, he has benefitted tremendously from the help he has received from KidsBright.

- Mrs Tan, August 2009

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TESTIMONY 5 (12-year-old boy with ADHD)

Dear Joanne, 

The past 4 months of weekly sessions that my son has undergone with you appears to be working very well.  We are seeing improvements in him, which we do not see in the various programmes that he has previously attended - such as Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration therapy.

My son's school has reported marked improvements in both his schoolwork and behaviour in class.  His handwriting has also improved and is less messy.  Although he still day dreams, he is much less disruptive and experiences little or almost no more outbursts.  We have also received very positive feedbacks from his school teachers.

We are very happy with his progress and have been telling our friends, whose children have similar problems, about you.  We wish your centre every success and hope that many more children can benefit from your sessions.  

- Mr and Mrs Sang, March 2009

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