The late Mr Jackie Ng Lian Chian was born in Swatow –Guangzhou, PR China on 22 September 1933 and settled on this island state, having arrived here in Singapore with his parents soon after his birth.

A lawyer by profession, Mr Ng displayed a concern for others all through his life,which was exemplified through his actions. His community and charitable works included: being a pioneer and founding member of Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Men's Support League of the same foundation. He also sponsored the distribution of mosquito nets in Kenya, supported the building of a women's maternity hospital in Vietnam, built a temple in Bangkok, as well asgave educational bursaries through 'Teochew Kang Hay T'ng' – a Teochew clan association.

In addition to sitting on various charity committees, he also chose to directly support individuals who were struggling with difficult situations in their lives.

Not contented with just making one-off donations, Mr Ng chose to provide his financial support to them over a period of time, and only cease helping when he was certain that theywere able to manage on their own.

Mr Ng's focus was to ensure that the people he helped received the best opportunity to continue their education as far as they could go, so that they would have an opportunity to find a good job and change their circumstances, as well as that of their families.

During the years 2006 to 2009 Mr Ng got to know of the struggles of two separate families. Over a period of four to five years, he provided on an anonymous basis, financial aid to both families, which were supported as cases under Care Corner Family Service Centre (Admiralty)['FSCAM'],amounting to some $96,400 in all. For one family, the help rendered by Mr Ng allowed the teenage child to focus better on her studies and complete her secondary four examinations in spite of a physical disability she has had since birth. For the other family, Mr Ng supported the eldest child's diploma studies, such that she was able to graduate, find a job, and now help with the family financesthus supporting her single mother and younger siblings.

Mr Ng passed away on 30 January 2013 at the age of 79. Upon learning of his generous acts for these two families, the Ng family decided to pay a special tribute to his legacyof kindness by sponsoring an educational outing trip for underprivileged children. In honour of his one-year Memorial Anniversary, the Ng Family blessed 35 children from FSCAM with an outing to the River Safari in December 2013, as well as presented them with $700 worth of Popular vouchers.

The Centre wishes to thank the family of the late Mr Jackie Ng for their kind support towards the children, not just through financial means, but also in taking the time to accompany the children on the trip with their presence (with some overseas family members specially flying back to Singapore to be a part of) all in loving memory of the late Mr Ng and his good works!

Indeed, Mr Ng's legacy of kindness will continue to be an inspiration to many!

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