Left picture: Care Corner CEO Mr Yap Poh Kheng (second left) presenting a token of appreciation to Cargill executives: Ms Anne Hoh(first left), Trader; and Ms Daphne Lee (third left), Operations Analyst with Ms Woo Mei Mei, Care Corner Service Development Director looking on
Right picture: Conducting an ETS session with the children

In a seventh-year running, Cargill International Trading Pte Ltd('Cargill') has shown its steadfast commitment in helping the less fortunate through its financial sponsorship towards Care Corner Educational Therapy Service ('ETS'), a service that caters to children with special learning needs.

Since 2007, Cargill has donated some $99,820to support the intervention work done atCare Corner ETS to help special learning needs childrenand their families.

Children with special learning needs may be diagnosed with learning difficulties that include learning disorders (such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 'ADHD', Dyslexia, Sensory/ Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyspraxia and mild Autism).

Care Corner ETS conducts programmes aimed at improving the children's basic academic skills and cognitive functioning. The children are taught learning and coping skills to achieve their potential and succeed in daily learning and living.

For the parents of these children, having to provide continued specialist care for their children has proven financially draining, in addition to the emotional and social challenges the families have to face in helping their child remain in the main stream education system.Care Corner ETS offers subsidies to ensure that such support is affordable and not beyond reach to those who need it.

Donations from collaborative partners such as Cargill International Trading Pte Ltd have been a welcome support towards Care Corner's ETS work with special learning needs children and their families.

If you would like to make a donation to Care Corner Educational Therapy Service in support of children with special learning needs, click here

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