Care Corner Family Service Centre (Woodlands) started operations in April 1997. We provide a range of comprehensive social services to residents living within the estate. Our primary mission is to serve and strengthen the family unit within the community as we strongly believe that strong family foundation is the secret key to a cohesive society. We seek to understand and bring out the best in every individual. Our desire is to build a community of strong families who are able exert positive influence in their immediate environment.

Service boundaries
Region: North
  • Woodlands Ave 2, 4 & 9 to the East
  • SLE to the South
  • BKE, Woodlands Ave 3 & Woodlands Road to the West
  • Woodlands Road, Admiralty Road West to the North
  • Bus Services (from Woodlands Regional Interchange) - 856, 925, 950, 960, 961, 963, 966. Alight at the first bus stop after the interchange at Blk 347 and walk towards Blk 345.
How to reach us:
Block 345 Woodlands Street 32
#01-198 Singapore 730345
For enquiries on services or programmes:
6362 2481
6362 4824

Operating Hours:
Mon, Wed, Fri:
Tues, Thurs:
Sat,Sun and Public Holidays
9 am to 6 pm
9 am to 9 pm

Programmes and Services

Casework & Counselling
Those who are facing problems (financial, personal, family relationships, marital, child management issues…etc) may call our centre or walk-in to seek help from our professional team of social workers and counsellors.

Information & Referral
We provide information to clients who are unfamiliar with community resources. The FSC is a useful first stop for those who require assistance but unsure where to get it. In addition, we can also assist by referring clients to other relevant agencies for help when necessary.

Financial Assistance School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF)
School-going children and youth from low-income families are eligible to apply for SPMF. Our professional team will assess the applications and disburse funds to the needy if they are qualified for the scheme.

Enhanced Step-Up (ESU) Service A
This school-based programme adopts a holistic approach in supporting teenagers through individual and family works to promote a better person-environment fit for them.

Under the banner of HiFIVE, a new programme initiated by the centre, youth are able to carve a niche for themselves in society and make behavioral change by channeling their energies into creative expression. Through experiential learning activities and casework counseling sessions, they are empowered to unleash their potential within and overcome life's obstacles with strengthened emotional resilience.  

Marriage Preparation Programmes
Our centre provides Marriage Preparation programmes for couples planning to get married. Our centre also offer mandatory Marriage Preparation programmes for young couples aged 18-21 years.

Details of the program is as follows:

Class size:             Individual Couple
Course Schedule:   3 sessions of 3 hours each plus at least 1 hour needed for Taylor Johnson
                            Temperament Analysis (by appointment)
Cost per couple:    $350
Content:               What is Marriage?
                            Role and Responsibilities
                            Family of Origin and in-laws
                            Money Matters
                            Sex and Intimacy
                            Conflict Management
                            Family Planning

  •        Additional Contents that can be included in the programme are:

  • -         Parenthood
    -         Taking Care of Your Baby
    -         Employment
    -         Violence

    Supervised/Unsupervised Access
    MCYS will refer cases to our Centre. Case Worker assigned to this family would supervise the contact between the visiting parent and child who would be brought to our Centre by care and control parent/foster parent/guardian at an agreed time for duration as specified by MCYS.

    Case Worker would observe the interaction during the Access and may intervene on a need basis. For Unsupervised access, the Case Worker would not be present during the Access to supervise the contact between visiting parent and child when brought to our Centre.

    One-way transfer – Child would be brought to the centre at an agreed time and the assigned Case Worker ensures smooth transfer of the child from one parent to the other. The visiting parent would then return the child at a mutually agreed time and venue.

    Volunteering opportunities


    Volunteers can be trained to partner professionals to make home visits and befriend clients. Befrienders would need to follow-up with clients' family situation and work together with case workers to empower clients.

    • Provide emotional support – lend listening ears to clients
    • Help in daily essential living needs – run errands for clients who have mobility issues
    • Provide limited health care support – accompany clients for medical appointments
    • Routine home visits to connect with clients
    No experience is required as on-the-job training would be provided. Students who are looking to fulfil CIP hours would not be accepted.

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